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Sodomy: Applicability to:
Same sex

Sodomy: Penalty
Pen. 21.06 Homosexual conduct: Class C misdemeanor; Note: found unconstitutional by Laurence v. Texas 1235 ct.2472, 539 U.S. 558 156 L.Ed 2d508

Exposing Another to/ Compelled Testing for AIDS/HIV Virus
Crim. Proc. §21.31 Upon indictment for felony sex offense or upon request of victim of alleged sex offense, court may order HIV testing of offender

Other Crimes Relating to Consensual Sex Acts
Pen. 21.07 Public lewdness: Class A misdemeanor
Pen. 21.08 Indecent exposure: Class B misdemeanor
Pen. 42.01 Disorderly conduct: Class C misdemeanor

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