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Sodomy: Applicability to:
Same sex

Sodomy: Penalty
(Former statute ruled unconstitutional in 1996)

Exposing Another to/ Compelled Testing for AIDS/HIV Virus
68-10-107 Exposure of others by infected person: Class C misdemeanor (sexually transmitted disease);
39-13-521 When a person is initially arrested for allegedly violating §§39-13-502, 39-13-503, 39-13-506, 39-13-522, that person shall undergo HIV testing immediately;
Aggravated prostitution. Committing prostitution with knowledge that such person is infected with HIV/AIDS, class C felony

Other Crimes Relating to Consensual Sex Acts
39-13-511 Indecent exposure: Class B misdemeanor;
39-13-512, 39-13-514, Prostitution and promoting prostitution, class B misdemeanor;
39-13-515 Promoting prostitution, class E felony

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