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Indiana Stalking Laws

Code Section
35-45-10-1, et seq

Defined As
Knowing or intentional conduct with repeated acts that would cause reasonable person to feel terrorized, frightened or threatened and that actually causes such feelings.

Class D felony. Class C felony if at least one of the following applies: (1) a person stalks and makes threat with intent to place victim in reasonable fear; or (2) court issued order to protect same victim(s) and perpetrator has actual notice of order; or (3) a criminal complaint of stalking pending in court and perpetrator has actual notice of complaint. Class B felony if: the act(s) were committed with deadly weapon or perpetrator has unrelated conviction for an offense against same victim(s)

Repeat Offense
See Class C felony classification

Arrest or Restraining Order Specifically Authorized by Statute?

Constitutionally Protected Activities Exempted?

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