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Connecticut Stalking Laws

Code Section
53a-181c to 181e

Defined As
Stalking in 1st degree (53a-181c): Commission of stalking in the 2nd degree and (1) has been previously convicted of this section or 53a-181d or (2) such conduct violates a court order in effect at the time of the offense or (3) person is under 16 Stalking in the 2nd degree (53a-181d): When, with intent to cause another person to fear for his physical safety, he wilfully and repeatedly follows or lies in wait for person and causes person to reasonably fear for physical safety Stalking in the 3rd degree (53a-181e): When recklessly causes another person to reasonably fear for physical safety by wilfully and repeatedly following or lying in wait for such person

Stalking 1st degree: Class D felony; Stalking 2nd degree: Class A misdemeanor; Stalking 3rd degree: Class B misdemeanor

Repeat Offense
Stalking 1st degree: Class D felony

Arrest or Restraining Order Specifically Authorized by Statute?

Constitutionally Protected Activities Exempted?

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