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Sex Offender Registration and Community Notification- Wisconsin

The offenders required register are adult and juvenile sex offenders who, on or after 12/25/93, were sentenced; in an institutional setting; discharged; or on field supervision.

The information collected includes name, aliases, DOB, identifying information, crime, date of conviction, county or state of offense, date or release, address, place of employment, place of school enrollment, and DNA sample.

Contact Person:

Department of Corrections – Grace Roberts (608) 240-5822 [email protected]

Administrating Agency:

State Department of Corrections.

Timeframe for Registration:

Before release from prison, within 10 days after placement on supervision, or before entering Wisconsin from another state.

Penalties for Non-Compliance:

Fine not to exceed $10,000 and imprisonment not to exceed 6 years or both.

Confidentiality Provision:

Wisconsin law provides criminal penalties for any person who deliberately misuses registry information, including the use of information from the registry to harass, intimidate, or discriminate unlawfully against a person. Wisconsin law generally prohibits the release of any registry information that identifies victims.


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