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Sex Offender Registration and Community Notification- West Virginia

Persons convicted of a qualifying offense or attempt to commit, or convicted under a similar provision in another state, federal or military jurisdiction, or those found not guilty by reason of mental illness, mental retardation or addiction of a qualifying offense are required to register. If convicted of an offense and the sentencing judge determines that the offense was sexually motivated must register.

Information collected includes name, social security number, date of birth, height, weight, hair & eye color, current address, previous address, telephone number, vehicle information, employer information, offense convicted of, jurisdiction of conviction, date of conviction, date of release, 2 full sets of fingerprints and photos, name and phone number of parole/probation officer.


Terri Swecker, State Police (304) 746-2133.

Administrating Agency:

State Police.

Timeframe for Registration:

Three business days upon release.Ten business days of moving into state,and Tenbusiness days of changing address.

Penalties for Non-Compliance:

Misdemeanor – penalty, fined not less than two hundred fifty dollars nor more than ten thousand dollars, or imprisoned in the county jail not more than one year, or both fined and imprisoned. Felony if convicted of second or subsequent offense – penalty – 1-5 yrs. Felony if convicted of third or subsequent offense – penalty 5-25 years. If required to register for life it is a felony to fail to provide registration changes or fail to register. Penalty 1-5 yr. Felony for second or subsequent offense – penalty 10-25 years. Felony for any person required to register as a sexually violent predator who fails to register or provide registration changes – Penalty – 1st offense 2-10 yrs. Second or subsequent offense 15-35 yrs.


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