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Sex Offender Registration and Community Notification- Montana

Offenders required to register are adult sex offenders, juvenile sex offenders court-ordered, juveniles convicted as an adult, 5/11/07 juveniles convicted of a qualifying sexual offense in MT. Montana also registers violent (non-sexual) offenders, which include offenders with convictions for offenses such as Homicide, Assault, Domestic Abuse, Robbery, and Arson.

Information collected includes fingerprints, photograph, certain ID numbers, type of offense, physical description, date of birth, citizenship, phone number, current address, offense/conviction information.

Contact Person:

Dawn Spencer – (406) 444-2497

Administrating Agency:

State Department of Justice.

Timeframe for Registration:

Within 3 business days of conviction, release from prison or supervision, coming into a county; 3 business days of changing address.

Penalties for Non-Compliance:

Possible 5 years prison term and/or up to $10,000 fine.


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