Code Section
45-9-101, et seq.; 50-32-101, et seq.

Under 60 g.: misdemeanor with penalty of 6 months in county jail and fine of $100 to $500; Subsequent offense: $1000 fine and 1 yr. in county jail or up to 3 yrs. in state penitentiary

1 yr. to life and $50,000; Subsequent offense: 2 yrs. to life and $50,000;Offense of criminal sale of dangerous drugs on or near school property: 3 years to life and/or $50,000 fine

Criminal production/manufacture: Less than 1 lb. or 30 plants: up to 10 yrs. and $50,000; Over 1 lb. or 30 plants: 2 yrs. to life and/or $50,000;
Subsequent offense: up to double penalties

Inside Montana