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Code Section
39-17-401, et seq.

Possession or casual exchange of less than .5 oz.: Class A misdemeanor unless adult to minor and adult is 2 yrs. the minor’s senior, then felony; Subsequent offense: If two or more prior convictions: Class E felony; Less than .5 grams is a Class C felony, may be fined up to $100,000; Class B:.5 grams or less if injury or death occurrence or defendant was in possession of deadly weapon.

Class B felony and/or $100,000; Over 15 g.: Class B felony and/or $200,000; Over 150 g.: Class A felony and/or $500,000; Sale to minor under 18 or in drug-free school zone: one class higher than amount required; Minimum penalty amounts: 1st drug felony: $2000; 2nd: $2500; 3rd: $3000


Inside Tennessee