Washington State Law

Code Section
9.41.040, et seq.

Illegal Arms
Machine gun, short-barreled shotgun or rifle; defaced firearm

Waiting Period
5 days (up to 60 days for nonresidents) (Pistols only; waived if purchaser produces a valid concealed pistol license)

Who May Not Own
1. Aliens; 2. Convicted of serious offense or domestic violence/harassment offense or felony in which firearm was used or displayed (unless charge dismissed or received probation); 3. Minors under 18, except as provided (hunter’s safety course, hunting, trapping, etc.); 4. Felony conviction for violation of Uniform Controlled Substances Act (or equivalent); 5. Convicted 3 times within 5 yrs. of driving under the influence; 6. Committed by court for treatment of mental illness

Law Prohibiting Firearms On or Near School Grounds
Misdemeanor. 9.41.280

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