Pennsylvania State Law

Code Section
Tit. 18 ยงยง908, 6105, 6110, 6111

Illegal Arms
Machine gun; sawed off shotgun; firearm specially made or adopted for concealment or silent discharge; altered manufacturer’s number

Waiting Period
48 hrs.

Who May Not Own
1. Convicted of felony, crime of violence; 2. No delivery to persons under 18 yrs.; 3. If you have reason to believe convicted of crime of violence; drug addict; habitual drunkard; unsound mind 4. Fugitive from justice 5. Incompetent 6. Illegal Alien; 7. Convicted of DUI on 3 separate occasions within a 5-year period; 8. Subject of an active protection from abuse order.

Law Prohibiting Firearms On or Near School Grounds
Misdemeanor. 912

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