Iowa State Law

Code Section
724.1, et seq.

Illegal Arms
Offensive weapons: machine guns, short-barreled rifle or shotgun; any weapon other than shotgun or muzzle-loading rifle, cannon, pistol, revolver, or musket, which fires or can be made to fire a projectile by the explosion of a propellant charge which has a barrel of more than six-tenths of an inch in diameter; any bullet containing any explosive mixture capable of exploding upon impact; silencer

Waiting Period

Who May Not Own
1. Convicted felon; 2. under 18 yrs. old; 3. addicted to the use of alcohol ar any controlled substance; 4. history of repeated acts of violence; 5. issuing officer reasonably determines applicant constitutes a danger to any person; 6. convicted of a crime defined in chapter 708

Law Prohibiting Firearms On or Near School Grounds
Felony. 724.4B; 724.4A

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