Hawaii State Law

Code Section
134-1, et seq.

Illegal Arms
Automatic firearms; rifles with barrel length less than 16 inches; shotguns with barrels less than 18 inches; cannons; mufflers/silencers; hand grenades; assault pistol; any ammunition coated with teflon or designed to explode/segment upon impact

Waiting Period
14 days generally

Who May Not Own
1. Fugitive from justice; 2. Under indictment or convicted of felony or crime of violence or illegal sale of drug; 3. Under treatment for addiction to dangerous, harmful, or detrimental drug; or intoxicating liquor; 4. Diagnosed with significant behavioral, emotional, or mental disorder or acquitted of a crime on grounds of mental disease/disorder or committed to institution for persons with developmental disorder or mental retardation; 5. Anyone under 25 yrs. and has been adjudicated by family court to have committed a felony, two or more crimes of violence or illegal sale of drugs; 6. Minors who are under treatment for addiction to drugs/alcohol, fugitives from justice or determined not to be responsible for a criminal act or who has been committed to an institution on account of mental disease/defect/disorder

Law Prohibiting Firearms On or Near School Grounds

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