California State Law

Code Section
Penal ยงยง12020, 12021, 12071, 12072

Illegal Arms
Cane gun; wallet gun; any firearm not immediately recognized as such; short-barreled shotgun or rifle, i.e., barrel of less than 18 inches for shotgun, less than 16 inches for rifle, or less than 26 inches designed to fire a fixed shotgun shell or cartridge; zip gun; any bullet with explosive agent; multi-burst trigger activator; any unconventional pistol; any undetectable firearm.

Waiting Period
10 days

Who May Not Own
1. Concealed weapons, under 21 yrs.; other firearms, under 18 yrs.; 2. Convicted felon, including those certified by juvenile court for prosecution as adult; 3. Addicted to use of any narcotic drug; 4. Anyone whose express condition of probation is not to own firearm; 5. Persons convicted of certain misdemeanors

Law Prohibiting Firearms On or Near School Grounds

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