Alabama State Law

Code Section
13A-11-63, et seq.

Illegal Arms
Short-barreled rifle or Short-barreled shotgun

Waiting Period

Who May Not Own
1. Convicted of committing or attempting to commit crime of violence; 2. Drug addicts or habitual drunkard; shall not deliver to: a minor or a person of unsound mind; 3. Reasonable belief applicant has been convicted of crime; 4. Drug addict/habitual drunkard

Law Prohibiting Firearms On or Near School GroundsĀ  16-1-24.3 Expulsion of students for one year, who are determined to have brought to school or have in their possession a firearm in a school building, on school grounds, or school buses, or at other school-sponsored function. 13A-11-72 Except for authorized law enforcement officers, no person shall knowingly with intent to do bodily harm possess a deadly weapon on the premises of a public school.

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