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Code Section
720 1LCS 5/16D-1, et seq

Mental State Required for Prosecution

Access or cause to be accessed, falsified email information or other routing information in transmission of unsolicited bulk email through email service provider or its subscribers or gives software enabling this, class B misdemeanor; access and obtain data or services, class A misdemeanor for 1st offense

Class 4 felony: access with purpose to scheme, defraud or deceive; damages computer or alter, delete, or destroy program or data in connection with scheme, defraud or deceive; if offender accesses computer and obtains money or control of money in connection with his/her scheme, defraud or deception; class 3 felony if any of the above are 2nd or subsequent offense; class 4 felony: if value of money, property, or services is $1,000 or less or if 2nd or subsequent offense obtaining data or services; class 3 felony: if value between $1,000 and $50,000; class 2 felony: if value $50,000 or more

Attempt Proscribed

Civil Action

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