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Code Section
Tit. 13 §§4501, et seq.

Arson causing death, kidnapping, murder, aggravated sexual assault: none; manslaughter: 6 yrs., arson: 11 yrs.; sexual assault, lewd and lascivious conduct, sexual exploitation of children, grand larceny, robbery, burglary, embezzlement, forgery, bribery, false claims, fraud, felony tax offenses: 6 yrs.; sexual assault or lewd and lascivious conduct of child under 16 yrs. old: 6 yrs. or when the victim turns 24 yrs. old, whichever is earlier; others: 3 yrs.

3 yrs.

Acts During Which Statute Does Not Run
Prosecution commences when arrest is made, citation issued, indictment or information presented

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