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Code Section
131.125, 145, 155

Murder, manslaughter: none; sexual felonies including criminal mistreatment sexual abuse in 1st and 2nd degree, rape, sodomy, incest, promoting or compelling prostitution: 6 yrs. or if victim was under 18 yrs. old at time of offense, anytime before victim turns 24 yrs. old, whichever occurs first; others: 3 yrs.

Sexual misdemeanors: sexual abuse in the 3rd degree or sending, furnishing, exhibiting or displaying obscene materials to minors: 4 yrs. after the offense is reported or if victim is under 18 yrs. old, upon turning 22 yrs. old, whichever occurs first

Acts During Which Statute Does Not Run
Absent state, hides within state, not resident of state; max. extension 3 yrs.

Inside Oregon