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Code Section
45-1-205; 45-1-206

Deliberate, mitigated, or negligent homicide: none; others: 5 yrs.; sexual assault, sexual intercourse without consent, indecent exposure, deviate sexual conduct, incest, sexual or ritual abuse of child if victim is under 18 yrs. old at time of offense: within 5 yrs. of victim turning 18 yrs. old; theft involving breach of fiduciary obligation: within 1 yr. of discovery or if involving a minor, within 1 yr. of termination of minority; unlawful use of computer: within 1 yr. of discovery of offense

1 yr.; misdemeanor of fish, wildlife, or outfitter activity laws: within 3 yrs. after offense committed

Acts During Which Statute Does Not Run
When offender is not usually and publicly resident of state, or beyond jurisdiction of state; prosecution pending for same conduct

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