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Code Section
Cts. & Jud. Proc. §§5-106, 107

Murder: none; manslaughter or homicide by vehicle, welfare or Medicare fraud, tax-related offense, sex discrimination in paying wages, compensation in connection with adoption, unauthorized practice of medicine: 3 yrs.; criminal offense under state election laws, conflict of interest laws, or criminal misfeasance by officer of the state (or conspiracy thereof): 2 yrs.; assault, libel, or slander: 1 yr.

Misdemeanor punishable by imprisonment: none; other misdemeanors: 1 yr.; vehicle violations of unlawfully using a driver’s license or fraudulently using false name when applying for driver’s license: 2 yrs.; Sabbath breaking, drunkenness, or selling alcoholic beverages after hours or to a minor in Allegany County: 30 days

Acts During Which Statute Does Not Run

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