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Code Section

Felony that resulted in death: none; perjury in official proceeding that relates to prosecution of a capitol felony: none; Capital or life felony: none; 1st degree felony and 2nd degree felony for abuse or neglect of aged or disabled adult: 5 yrs.; others: 3 yrs.; other felony, violation of securities transaction: 5 yrs.; violation of environmental control: 5 yrs. of date of discovery; any offense which fraud or breach of fiduciary obligation is a material element: 3 yrs.; misconduct in public office: within 2 yrs. of leaving office or any above limit, whichever is greater; sexual offenses (battery, assault, intercourse under age 18): begins running at age 16 or when violation is reported, whichever is earlier.

Other 1st degree misdemeanors: 2 yrs.; 2nd degree and noncriminal violations: 1 yr.

Acts During Which Statute Does Not Run
Continually absent from state, no reasonably ascertainable work or abode in state: maximum extension 3 yrs.

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