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Filing a False Police Report

The consequences of filing a false police report vary according to state and local laws.  Police reports can either be filed at a police station or with an officer.  The filing involves answering questions about the type of crime, the name of the person responsible for committing the crime, and other types of information.  Anyone can file a police report.  When a report is investigated, it is assigned to an officer who will contact the person responsible for filing the report to obtain information.  When a person files a false report, the filer can be charged with a crime.  In some states, false filers can be charged with either a misdemeanor or a felony.  The victim of a false police report could suffer serious and damaging consequences.  The charges against the person may not be dropped immediately, even if the filer confesses.  Thus, by filing a false police report, there could be serious consequences for both the person who files the report and for the person who will be falsely accused.

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